Marshmallow Skirmish

Family friendly first-person-shooter

This project was awarded:
🥈 2nd Place SAP Young ICT Explorers VIC (Year 9-10)

Marshmallow Skirmish was a charming and family-friendly first-person shooter game I developed in 2015. Along with my team, I took charge of Unity development and also handled designing and modeling the game environment. Collaborating with my classmates Austin Rule, who handled the concept art, and Brodie Anderson, who was responsible for the player and weapon models, we created an engaging game that captured the attention of both attendees and judges at the Young ICT Explorers competition.

Built using Unity and C#, Marshmallow Skirmish had functional online multiplayer. I implemented this using Photon Unity Networking, and competition judges were impressed that we had written code down to the RPC level.

Marshmallow Skirmish was my first significant game development project, taking several months to complete. Throughout this time I learned a lot about game development, particularly C#, and was proud to be placed second in our division.

During the event, we were approached by a camera crew to be interviewed about our project for the competition’s promotional material. We were also visited by a representative from Intel, one of the competition sponsors, who was impressed by our integration of Intel microcontrollers into our display, where tagging an opponent or taking damage in-game activated cues in our LED lighting.

(See Marshmallow Skirmish at 3:38)

October, 2015

c# unity blender