ChatGPT-driven tool designed to aide psychological evaluations

📅 Completed as part of the UBC LLMs for Brain Health 2023 hackathon.

Receiving support for mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health issues can be a daunting task. In BC, where 26% of residents don’t have a family doctor, access to treatment is additionally hindered by a lack of pre-existing medical records and lengthy gaps between appointments.

Even after a first appointment with a general practitioner, BC patients face a median wait of 33.3 weeks before they begin receiving treatment. Given these limitations, the initial screening process - a short form, typically completed online - is a valuable tool for physicians who need to quickly identify and allocate appropriate treatments.

While never intended as a diagnostic tool or replacement for an in-person appointment, pre-existing screening tools are simply checklists. Patients cannot ask for clarification on terminology, a problem typically faced by recent immigrants; furthermore, users in immediate emotional distress do not receive any immediate validation or reassurance.

To improve this experience for patients, we have created a virtual mental health screening assistant powered by ChatGPT. Our goal is to provide a conversational, encouraging platform for mental health screening when personal care is not immediately available.

We believe that LLM-driven mental health screening tools will be hugely useful in saving time for doctors. In addition to this, we believe a more interactive and conversational screening process can lead to an improved patient experience and a more nuanced understanding of the patient’s needs in the lead-up to in-person appointments.

Final presentation

Web app

Source code on Hugging Face

(Hosted demo will be unresponsive if not supplied with a active OpenAI API key)

March, 2023

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